Health and Safety Consultancy Meeting


You want a health and safety consultant and training provider that will work with you, assisting you to make sure your company is a safe and healthy place to work.

Johnson Health & Safety are the consultants to help you:

  • health and safety documentation you need
  • meet current health and safety legislation
  • deliver training and toolbox talks
  • we will help you:
    • gain accreditations
    • audit your systems of work
    • create risk assessments
  • conduct accident investigations
  • telephone support provided

Whatever you need, Johnson Health & Safety can help.

Our CIEH-approved trainers will help your staff learn what they need to know to gain nationally-recognised qualifications in health and safety.

Trained staff increases productivity and reduces accidents.


Does your company meet current health and safety legislation and best practice? Would you survive a HSE inspection?

Johnson Health & Safety provides peace of mind. We ensure you have everything you need to help you stay safe. Legislation changes all the time. Running a business, you do not always have the time to keep everything up to date.

Our expert staff have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best health and safety advice.

No contract, no fuss. We work with you for as long and as much as you need us. Depending on your industry and the size of your company, we visit when we are needed.

We make health and safety easy.

Health and safety consultant meeting

Learning health and safety


Our CIEH health and safety training programmes ensure your staff develop safe working practices.

  • Introductory Level - Occupational Health and Safety
  • Foundation Level - Occupational Health and Safety
  • Intermediate Level - Occupational Health and Safety

Our qualified trainers deliver programmes in an easy-to-understand and friendly manner. Johnson Health & Safety want your staff to achieve CIEH qualifications in health and safety. We work with you to make this happen.

Be confident your workforce uses safe working methods. Reduce accidents by training your staff in correct procedures. Save money by reducing the likelihood of both criminal and civil claims.


HydroTechnick - FT Filter Technik - UK Flow Technik
Dan Whittaker

Ian Johnson has advised us on health and safety matters for the past three years, and we consider ‘Johnson Health & Safety’ to be an important asset to all three companies within our organisation.  We now have a workable health and safety management system that is strictly and methodically vetted and updated by Ian during his monthly visits to our companies. I would recommend Ian Johnson to anyone looking for a professional health and safety consultant to assist them in meeting the legalities of health and safety.

Since starting RevCo Interiors as a business in 2014, we have worked with Ian at Johnson Health & Safety, and whom we have found to be invaluable for both health and safety advice and documentation. As a contractor, we use other sub-contractors rather than direct employees. Ian has given us advice and documentation for almost everything, making sure we meet current legal health and safety standards. Working together, Ian has major input assisting us to write all our policies, method statements and risk assessments. We find Ian’s knowledge and service invaluable, and would always recommend him to other businesses.

MPC Systems take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously. Having an independent partner like Johnson Health and Safety helps MPC stay up to date with current legislation maximising safety on site for both our employees and customers. Johnson Health and Safety offer an excellent friendly service and Ian Johnson is extremely quick and professional in answering any queries we may have.

SDE Group
Jonathan Bennett

SDE Group work with many blue chip companies across the UK including B&Q, ASDA, and Lidl UK GmbH, and Ian has been very proactive with regards to health and safety making sure our Method Statements and Risk Assessments are fully up to date to comply with their very high demands.

Running a small but extremely busy business, I thought I understood the importance of health and safety and the key issues involved, having researched this topic previously. As our business grew, I recognised we required a more detailed system and started searching for a suitable company to assist me and my business. Many offered, were online and appeared very time consuming and complicated. Having met with Ian for an initial consultation, it soon became clear that Ian was very experienced, had all the necessary qualifications, was up-to-date with all current health and safety rules and regulations and almost immediately understood the nature of our business and our needs. Since we commenced our agreement some 3 years ago, we now have a very comprehensive system, all risk and COSHH assessments, procedures were soon in place, our staff are trained on all relevant aspects and my knowledge and understanding has increased immensely, but at the same time I have managed to continue running my business without being bogged down with endless paperwork, which I almost certainly would have been with other consultants and online systems. Ian has been very flexible in terms of our appointments, our requirements and the time needed to complete all tasks and he is always available on the end of the telephone should I require any advice in between his visits. We have an ongoing gentleman's agreement and are not tied contractually which suits both parties. I could not recommend Ian highly enough.

Ian has looked after the company’s Health and Safety requirements for several years now. We are very impressed with his work and we now have in place a workable system which he regularly reviews and updates. We can highly recommend Ian to any organisation for their Health and Safety needs.

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